History and Vision of MINAM


Micro- and nano manufacturing is getting more and more important for innovative applications and has a strategic importance for Europe. A new micro and nano manufacturing community is emerging at European level involving collaboration of manufacturers of micro- and/or nano-inside-products, equipment suppliers, research organisations and networks.

Therefore, the industrial stakeholders showed clearly the necessity of a European platform at the meeting on 14th September 2006. Decision was to establish and structure an internet platform. Thus, the MINAM (micro and nano manufacturing) technology platform was first launched in January 2008 in Brussels.

Members of MINAM Secretariat and MINAM industrial Management Board

More than 150 high ranking representatives of the European Commission, from industry and research institutes all over Europe including like Russia and Turkey met in Brussels to celebrate their launch as a European platform. “We need platforms like MINAM to help implementing the results from research to economic success” said Dr. von Bose, DG Research, EU Commission, in his welcome address. The strong links between Information and Communication Technology and the MINAM community was one of the main points of the welcome address of Dr. Rosalie Zobel, DG Information Society and Media, EU Commission. “MINAM is to become the worldwide leader of European manufacturers and equipment-suppliers” said Prof. Matteazzi, MBM Nanomaterialia SpA and Chairman of the Industrial Management Board. “We are the European network in the field of micro and nano manufacturing.” The MINAM platform serves as a forum to support the European manufacturers and equipment-suppliers in the field of manufacturing micro and nano technology products. Under the umbrella of MINAM several already existing EC projects were united:

The MINAM ETP has been established to reach and maintain a worldwide leadership in key technology areas. To meet the needs of the European industry, the idea was to facilitate a far more focused and sustainable European-wide infrastructure for coordination of research activities, to link relevant national and international projects, organisations and initiatives, and finally the dissemination and promotion of micro- and nano manufacturing technologies. Additionally, the platform intended to further strengthen the effect of European, national and regional funding programmes in terms of a higher level of coordination and implementation by industry. Thus, MINAM will be closely associated with already existing European platforms, e.g. Manufuture.