Research and Commercial Advisory Service

Upon subscription to the MINAM community the users will have access to the MINAM Research and Commercial Advisory Service (RCAS) which will grant entry to a unique information network. With the following provided given the outlook to the different services.

MINAM is the portal to the MINAM community offering a suite of technology transfer services to companies especially SMEs and start-up companies. In particular, the service will be proposed by expert’s advice, lists of research centres, SMEs and industrials with their corresponding expertise and lists of available infrastructures to accelerate the development of micro-nano manufacturing across Europe. A special section will be available for SMEs to explain their specific needs.

The MINAM RCAS will not only help you to find research or production partners but will also enable you to get a wide perspective on the field of Micro and Nanomanufacturing. We will provide Information about:

  • Stakeholders (Contacts, expertise etc
  • Ongoing research projects
  • Publications
  • Legal information
  • Jobs in the specific area

The supporting MINAM 2.0 project has clear aims to ensure an uncluttered overview and a smooth searching process while using the network.

Furthermore unique information network will be structured clearly to make access as easy as possible even without expert’s advice. Therefore we will classify the information into these four industrial sectors:

  1. Energy
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Bio
  4. Health

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