MINAM Expert Groups

Finally, these are the four different Expert Groups:

  1. Micro-enabled COMPONENTS and PRODUCTS

The main task of this expert group is the Identification of future product requirements and the building of the interface to the application communities

  1. Micro nano TECHNOLOGIES

The micro nano technologies expert group is on the one hand concentrated on advanced, environmental friendly, low energy consumption micro and nano structuring technologies, replication technologies, manufacturing systems. On the other hand, it has to do with process modeling & simulation of technologies and manufacturing processes, description languages for processes and technologies, data exchange standards, etc. A third task of the expert group is the material processing: this is about the use of innovative materials in the micro manufacturing context, increased efficiency in the use of materials.


This expert group has a more differentiated variety of tasks to fulfill: The group’s members are the experts for production equipment, that means for modular machines for assembly, cleanroom production, and equipment for nanoparticle production. But also system integration is one of the group’s tasks, where innovative strategies for function integration on component and equipment level are developed. Another focus lies on production strategies, the knowledge / IT based production strategies for improved flexibility and/or the scalability and performance of micro nano production. Additionally, the group’s members are experts for standardization, which means that they set the basis for a highly flexible, easy to scale, low cost production. Finally, the group concentrates on quality / metrology as an important constraint to ensure highest product quality.


This fourth expert group is focused on the development of new, tailored collaboration strategies for production along the supply chain