Reasons for joining MINAM

MINAM mobilises resources from universities, a set of large scale national laboratories and clusters in micro and nano technologies, representing the technological and organizational expertise of more than 600 industrial partners from small to large companies and a representative set of research and diagnostics organisations such as national laboratories and universities.
This strong industrial influence of the regional clusters, the drive and the multiple involvement of the partners in different regional, national and European communities and the broad range of expertise from basic research to application will ensure that MINAM meets the ambitious goal to build up a real cross industrial micro and nano technologies user and provider community for Europe.
In addition, other clusters and organizations representing more than 1000 partners have expressed their interest in participating at the project through the satellite group. Besides, through the already existing contacts to other clusters, networks or ETPs (of which many have signed a LOI) a broad feedback from a representative set of the micro and nano technologies community is ensured.
Since the consortium partners are already members or in contact with the more application oriented ETPs in Europe a basic setup of the intended networks of networks is ensured. On the other hand the already established communication with these platforms will ensure that the results having been developed in the project consortium can be communicated to the targeted communities.
Furthermore, the consortium recognizes the importance of including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in European research projects, since they are a major factor in the European market.

These are the concrete core benefits you will attain by joining MINAM as a recognized member:

  • Early involvement in a Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission and other national programmes
  • Possibility to bring in new topics into the next round of funding
  • Access to MINAM key players in research and industry
  • Access to new projects and to MINAM Brokerage
  • First hand information through MINAM newsletter
  • Participation at MINAM events
  • Influencing policy processes
  • Chance to contribute to the next framework programme
  • Socializing and networking possibilities